How can I get my DNS settings changed (MX record, A record, C NAME)?

To get changes made to your DNS settings as far as your MX record, A record, C NAME, you will need login into your cPanel

Note: If you are using Windows Hosting then see from bottom (last two steps)

MX Entry

From here you can delete old MX entry or Create New MX entry as per your requirement.

MX Entry Change

To Change Your A or CNAME record click on DNS Zone Editor

DNS Zone Editor

You can update or Delete any Record as per your convenience.

DNS Zone Editor

you can submit ticket from your client area, if you are getting any issue.

For Windows Hosting:

If You are using Plesk Panel instead of cPanel i.e. your account is in Windows Server Then click on DNS settings from your plesk panel

DNS Zone Editor Plesk

Now Delete. Create or Edit DNS records as per your requirement from following Window

DNS Zone Editor Plesk

For more information read complete knowledgebase

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