Are there any hidden charges which I should know?

There are absolutely no hidden charges. We offer genuine web hosting deals and services.

Are databases available for use on the web server?

Yes, databases are available with your web hosting account at no additional cost.

Are your servers secure enough?

Absolutely. We take the server security very seriously!Below are the measures which we take to...

Do you host foreign domains in your web servers?

Yes, we host foreign domains also on our servers. There are no such restrictions.In fact, we have..

Do you offer site statistics?

Yes, every cPanle account has Analog , Webalizer and AWstats log analyzers. AWStats is a free...

Do you support ASP and ASP.Net?

Yes, we support ASP and ASP .Net with our Windows Hosting. Besides ASP & ASP .Net, we...

How can I see how much disk space and data transfer I have used and have remaining?

Once you purchase an account you can view your current usage in your control panel.

How can you offer so many features at such low rates?

We would like to share with you, the reasons how we can manage to give such great offers at such...

How soon will my account be setup and ready to use?

We activate the account within one hour after confirmation the payment.

How to transfer my domain to

I want to set up a website. What do I need?

A website can be separated into 3 components: Domain name You can register a new domain from...

What all payment options ?

Credit Card/Internet Banking Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Diners Club Card /...

What documentation is required to register Domain as well as web hosting ?

There is absolutely no documentation required. But we trust you as a customer and we expect you...

What is the difference between Windows or Linux?

You might be wondering whether you should choose a Windows hosting or Linux Hosting. At...

What is your level of uptime?

Uptime is usually averaged over the 12 months period excluding scheduled maintenance. We are...

Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?

Yes, you can update your pages any time.  

can I use google ads in my website ?

YES , you can use Google ads in your web site . you will have full control on your web site.

do you provide internet maketing services

we do offer internet marketing services at a separate fee

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