How can you offer so many features at such low rates?

We would like to share with you, the reasons how we can manage to give such great offers at such low prices. There is absolutely no catch. Despite being most cost effective web hosting service provider, we are extremely reliable and robust. Our rates are low because:

  • We own our servers: We are not a reseller, which purchases web hosting from another company and resells at higher rate. We are owning all our servers.
  • High Volume Work: We are doing our operatoration on scale. When we do it in volume, we can GET best rates from our hardware vendors and we can pass on the benefits to our customers
  • Volume Discounts on Software: Believe us, server software is one of the major cost factors. It can be as much as 200% of the server hardware cost. At, we acquire software licenses in bulk, and the vendors provide us as much as 50% discount on our purchases. And, we always pass on this discount to our customers.
  • Efficient Operations: Our operations are extemely efficient and our staff gives more output in less time. Our processes are smooth and this really helps us save a lot of bucks.
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