Creating MySQL server Database through Plesk.

The following article will guide you, how to create MySQL Database through Plesk for your domain.

Just put your concentration on the bold word and red color highlighted box.

      Log in to your control panel with the provided control panel "username" and "password".




 Click on "Home" icon to show the hosting control menus.




 Click on "Databases" icon to create.



 Click on "Add New Database" icon to create a new database.




Type the database name, which you want to create, into the "Database name*" box and then click on "ok' to submit.




Click on  "Add New Database User" icon to create a database user for this database (i.e.example).



Put the user name, which you want, into the "Database user nameand" box and the password into the "password"

         box for twice. Then click on "ok" to submit.



After creating the database, you can check the Database WebAdmin Consol by clicking on "DB WebAdmin" icon. before doing this checking, make sure that your browser can allow any popup window.



To close  this window  click on the cross tab.



 Click on "Log out" to exit from Plesk Control Panel.







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